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Sun Cruise 10'2'' / 11'2'' / 12'

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Dropstitch Triple Layer Stringer

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Backpack, Paddle, Pump, Leash

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Our 2021 Stand Up Paddle Board

Skiffo 2021: Technology et Design

Skiffo SunCruise Technology

Ride like a fish to water

SunCruise Technology

Drop-Stitch | Double layer fusion

With the avant-garde Drop-Stitch construction method, Skiffo SUPs immediately gain 40% in stiffness. In fact, the thousands of high density threads inside the board guarantee unparalleled compactness when inflated to 15 Psi..

On the outside, the Skiffo SUP benefits from a thermally bonded double layer, making the board 30% more rigid than a standard board. This avoids any use of glue, ensuring the board's lightness..

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High density Drop-Stitch.


Ultra-resistant laminated PVC layer.


Second thermally bonded reinforce PVC layer

All accessories are included

Accessories are included

Backpack, 3 sections paddle, leash, pump…

The Skiffo SUPs come with all necessary accessories to make your outing on the water easier and without hassles.

  • Backpack on wheels in the same colours as your board
  • 3 sections paddle in the same colours as your board
  • High pressure, two-way pump
  • Central slide-in fin
  • Security leash
  • Repair kit


Protecting your equipment during transport

A light bag made especially to the folded dimensions of the Skiffo SUP.
Matching your board's colours, you will stand out from the moment you set out for your adventure.

Two-Way Pump

Fast inflation

Quality is of first importance in all details of the Skiffo SUP pack.
The pump that comes with the set of accessories has twice the capacity to inflate your board that much faster.

3 sections Adjustable Paddle

Optimized paddling posture

Design even in the paddle, it matches the board and the transport bag. Made in composite material and composed of a shaft adjustable in length as well as a lock anti-twist system to allow the rider to optimize his posture.

Security Leash

Security and comfort in your ride

A thermoplastic TPU spiral cord that attaches to the board with a pivoting stainless steel anchor and a strap with sponge finish secure the rider to the paddle.

Slide-in Central Fin

Higher durability

The Skiffo board fin slides out easily in between each adventure.

Repair Kit

Loyal even in hard times

A complete repair kit is provided in a waterproof case that easily attaches itself to one of the SUP d-rings.

SKIFFO 2021 Tropical Vibes

2021 Elle & Lui Collection by Skiffo

Discovering the collection
A unique tropical vibe

2021 Tropical Collection

Our 2021 Elle & Lui collection is inspired by idyllic tropical scenes. With their All-Around shape, these board are suited to all riders from beginners to more advanced.
Their bright pink and blue colours are an invitation to experience your adventure as a duo. Trendy matching accessories complete this collection.

New Skiffo Technology

Ride like a fish to water

An Exclusive Technology

Drop-Stitch + Triple Layer Stringer with Digital Impression

Our Drop-Stitch technology reinforced with a triple-layer Stringer is certainly the key asset of these 2021 Elle & Lui boards. The thousands of nylon threads sewn between the deck and the hull give increased rigidity to the board inflated to 15 PSI.

A double layer of stringers is added to the deck and hull to increase the rigidity of your SUP.

In addition to these technical advantages, the intermediate stringer has been digitally printed on its entire surface for a high quality visual that enhances the appearance of our new duo of boards, Elle & Lui

This innovation is the perfect fusion between design and performance..

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High Density Drop-Stitch.


Ultra-resistant laminated PVC layer.


Digital Impression Tropical Design


Your #Skiffo adventure in 2020