100% carbon fibre Apia paddle

100% carbon,
Skiffo for pros!

Pagaie Apia
Pagaie incluse


Sac de transport

Floatability guaranteed


Adjustable in increments


SUP Pro Race angle


Ultra-light 605g

100% Carbon, Skiffo for pros!

The most professional of paddles! Made entirely of 3K carbon, this paddle brings a perfect blend of performance and pure fun to your SUP session. Its steep angle (15°) makes it so highly responsive and precise you'll feel the difference at each stroke. SKIFFO has gathered feedback from paddlers to create an ultra-light 605 g paddle with a detailed, well thought-out design. Adjustable and compact, it dismantles into 3 Anti Twist pieces.

100% Carbone

Adjustable shaft

The right height for each session

Manche ajustable gradué

Adjusted with Anti Twist locking pin

Stable system that guarantees the handle is aligned with the blade

Poignée ergonomique

3-piece structure

Compact, Apia paddle easily fits into your bag

Pagaies Apaia


Size Adjustable between 170 and 215 cm
Number of pieces 3
Weight 605 g
Handle 100% carbon-fibre
Shaft 100% carbon-fibre
Blade 100% carbon
Blade dimensions 43 x 20,5 cm
Angle 15°