Coiled leash

Skiffo for greater security

Leash coiled

Skiffo for greater security

When it comes to picking a leash, the choice is yours: straight VS. Coiled! To keep everybody happy, Skiffo makes both kinds of leashes, coiled and straight: choose whichever suits you best. A coiled leash will allow you to pick up speed and/or avoid getting tangled up when you paddle in tandem on your SKIFFO S-222. This leash's "spring" effect does, however, exert a little tension. The length of the leash should match the size of your board (to within inches) and a thicker diameter (8mm) will allow the leash to withstand the most extreme conditions.


Length Coiled 2'/75m - Stretched out 10'/3m
Diameter 8mm
Colour Blue
Type of cord Coiled and swivelling
Cord material Urethane
Ankle strap material Ultra-comfortable neoprene