Fidji aluminium paddle

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Pagaie Fidji
Pagaie incluse


Sac de transport

Floatability guaranteed


Adjustable in increments


SUP angle

Skiffo for guaranteed results!

Stand out by opting for a white and robust paddle! In contrast to the abundance of black paddles on the market, SKIFFO has designed the FIDJI paddle for those who like to stand out. Adjustable, it can be dismantled into 3 anti-twist sections and has added padding for maximum comfort during long-distance excursions. The FIDJI is made of white aluminium and its blade is cleverly designed with a silicon edge to resist knocks, so you don't have to worry if you bang your paddle against the rocks.

Pâle Carbone

Protected blade

Don't worry about knocking the rocks



For maximum comfort and paddle floatability

Manche ajustable gradué

Adjustable shaft

The right height for each session

Goupille anti-twist

Adjusted with Anti Twist locking pin

Stable system that guarantees perfect handle/blade alignment

3 sections

Dismantles into 3 pieces

Compact, the Tonga paddle is easy to pack into your bag

Pagaies Tonga


Size Adjustable between 170 and 215 cm
Number of pieces 3
Weight 1150 g
Handle Black PVC
Shaft White aluminium
Blade PVC with silicon for extra protection
Blade dimensions 40 x 20,5 cm
Angle 13°