Isothermal Water Bottle

Skiffo to rehydrate

Gourde Isotherme

Skiffo to rehydrate

Stand Up Paddling is so much fun it'll make you want to spend hours on the water. Skiffo has designed an isothermal water bottle with plenty of volume (1.1L) so that you can easily take a cold or warm drink with you and it'll stay at the same temperature for 12h!

Gourde Inox

Transparent window

Keep your drink at the same temperature (hot or cold) for 12h


Carrying strap

This isothermal water bottle is easy to take along with you on excursion


Securely sealed

Double anti-leak security


Colour Brown / Stainless steel
Capacity 1.1L
Material Stainless steel
Structure Isotherm
Security Double anti-leak security