Skiffo Koast SUP board

Skiffo for high performance!

381 x 76 x 15 cm

Niveau : Intermédiaire, Avancé Pratique : Balade 5/5, Fitness 5/5, Vague 2/5, et Vitesse 5/5
Planche Koast

Complete package

Pagaie incluse

3-piece paddle
165 - 210 cm

Sac de transport

Backpack on wheels


HP pump



Skiffo for high performance!

Skiffo's KOAST 12’6’’ boasts a unique shape, midway between an touring SUP and a racing SUP. The 12’6’’/381cm length is ideal for speed, making the board glide beautifully and respond dynamically to each paddle stroke. SKIFFO has, however, chosen to keep a healthy balance, opting for a medium-sized 76 cm board width and 15 cm thickness. This is a combination devised to make the board suitable for all levels.

If you love speed, or you're a beginner looking for optimum performance, or you're of heavier build (up to 150kg), then this is exactly the right board for you.

Sold as part of a "SKIFFO all-in-one" package, this board is just what you need for high performance!


Mesure: Longueur

Length 381 cm

The racing Stand Up Paddle board. This XXL length combined with a pointed shape allows the board to "pierce" through the water, effortlessly picking up speed

Mesure: Epaisseur

Thickness 15 cm: Optimal thickness!

These 15 cm of thickness increase the board's stiffness and give the paddler more stability. 15 cm-thick SUPs are suitable for all sizes because the extra thickness compensates for the slump caused by heavier loads.

Mesure: Largeur

Width 76 cm

Best performance to comfort ratio. This standard length combined with a racing shape gives the paddler good stability while retaining the board's responsiveness and speed.

Key points

Point clé du paddle 1Point clé du paddle 2


Drop Stitch du Koast

Double Layer Drop Stitch

Top-of-the-range Drop Stitch technology, tougher and more durable. A second layer of reinforced PVC covers the basic Drop Stitch construction. When inflated under high pressure (15 Psi), these SUP boards guarantee outstanding stiffness and maintain their original shape in all conditions.

Skiffo puts particular focus on the density of the Drop Stitch filaments. Top quality materials - 1000D PVC are also used for better performance and durability.

Accessories included

Sac de transport

Skiffo backpack + roller wheels

A bag specially designed for adventurers with ultra-comfortable handles and 4 roller wheels on the base. This compact bag - 95x38x25cm - has clamping straps to keep the deflated SUP in place and pack it as tight as possible. There are also lateral pockets to store your paddle and a front pocket in which to slide your fin or your personal belongings

Pagaie incluse

3-piece paddle

Each of our packages includes an aluminium paddle. This paddle can be dismantled into 3 pieces. It is telescopic and its length can be adjusted between 165 and 215 cm. The angle of the blade as it enters through the water is calculated to maximise the efficiency of each stroke.


High pressure pump

SUP pump with ergonomic handle for easy pumping. The pump features a gauge so that you can keep an eye on the pressure in psi or bar as you pump.


Coiled Leash

The use of a leash is highly recommended; that way you'll stay attached to your SUP board whatever happens. A coiled leash with an ultra-comfortable neoprene ankle attachment is included in this package.


Length / Width / thickness 381 x 76 x 15 cm
Net Weight 13.4 kg
Fins 1 centre detachable in slide box
Number of riders 1
Max paddler weight 165 kg
Inflation pressure 15 psi

Optional accessories